Standard parcel delivery

This is the most common service offered by parcel carriers. Your package will be collected from your location and delivered to the destination address within a set timeframe.

Express delivery

This is a faster delivery option that guarantees delivery within a shorter timeframe than standard delivery. It usually comes with a higher price tag.

International delivery

This service allows you to send packages to international destinations. It may come with additional fees and customs requirements.

Same-day delivery

This is a premium service that ensures delivery on the same day as the pickup. It's usually the most expensive option.

Special handling

This service is for packages that require special handling, such as fragile or hazardous items.

Freight delivery

This service is for heavy or bulky items that require specialized transportation.

Parcel Delivery Steps

Step : 1 Booking

The first step in parcel services is placing an order. This typically involves selecting the items you want to send, providing the necessary details such as the sender's and receiver's addresses, and choosing the type of shipping service you want, such as express or standard.

Step : 2 Shipping

Once the order is placed, the parcel service provider will initiate the shipping process. This involves collecting the parcel from the sender's location and transporting it to the intended destination. The parcel may go through multiple stages of transportation, including local pick-up, sorting at a distribution center, and transportation via land, air, or sea, depending on the chosen shipping method and the destination.

Step : 3 Arrived

After the parcel has been transported to the destination, it will arrive at a local distribution center or delivery hub. At this stage, the parcel will be sorted based on the delivery route and loaded onto the appropriate delivery vehicle, such as a delivery truck or a courier's van.

Step : 4 Delivered

The final step in the parcel services process is the delivery of the parcel to the intended recipient. The delivery person will bring the parcel to the recipient's address and obtain a signature or other proof of delivery. The recipient will then receive the parcel and confirm that it has been delivered successfully.